Document intelligence

Virtualization of the workplace

At ERANUM, we view digital document interpretation as an evolving, agile concept.

We refer to it as document intelligence, since it is ultimately about integrating an intelligent system into your business. One that is able to support your growth, thanks to the productivity and profitability gains it generates.

Future-oriented vision

Eranum actively integrates the latest documentation innovations into its activities. This is how we ensure that our services are up to date with the latest advances and that they adequately support any digital shift.

Our document intelligence service allows you to take advantage of the latest technological developments in the field. Gain access to transformative knowledge that will benefit your growth and profitability. Integrate new tools that adapt to your different operational workflows automatically and stay on top of new solutions such as voice-assisted digitized data mining and more. We are here to support you in your digital shift, but also in the continuous improvement of your practices.

The benefits of document intelligence

Regardless of the size of your business, interpreting digitized data has become an integral practice. It allows you to benefit from the many advantages of document intelligence.

Ultimately, this approach consists of handing over certain non-value-added tasks to technology tools and platforms.

Here are some things that we consider when we assess your needs:

  • Ongoing administrative processes
  • The use of paper
  • The relevance of some platforms
Get quicker on-site or remote access to the documents and data you need.
Be well protected with regular backups, available redundancy options, as well as highly secure access.
The integrated digital media updates automatically. Take advantage of the benefits of these self-contained integrated systems.
Harness the data collected by your digital systems: optimize your management and business strategies.

? Why Eranum

A foolproof method

Our services apply to all types of businesses, regardless of the sector of activity. Our strength: our simple and flexible method.

Accessible professionals

We are always available to answer your questions and offer strategic services.

A reputation that speaks for itself

In a short period of time, Eranum has built a notorious reputation. Today, renowned companies trust our services.

Expansion projects

We are driven by development. This is what gives you access to the latest trends in digital transformation.

Points of service

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