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Eranum has quickly become a major player in the digital transformation service industry. While there are many reasons for our success, we owe much of it to our team.

We recognize that each employee contributes in their own way to the strength of our outreach. And that's what drives us to offer our staff outstanding working conditions. Do like them and become part of our story!

The advantages of working at ERANUM

Are you looking for an employer that prioritizes their employees’ well-being and safety? You are in the right place. At Eranum, all of our processes and operations are designed to protect our team’s health. Add to that a welcoming atmosphere, relaxation areas, social activities and much more!

Here are some other benefits we are proud to offer every employee:

A competitive salary
A complete range of benefits
Flexibility in terms of work and family life balance
Employers are always open and accessible
Dedicated spaces and relaxation areas for employees

More about us

Eranum is the largest digital factory in Canada. Our mission: Digitize the largest number of boxes across the country.

Given our technological knowledge and our unique vision of the field, being part of Team Eranum means being involved in sustainable development on a national scale.

Available positions

If you like to work in good company, and in a relaxed atmosphere, we have a place for you on our team! Find career choices in line with your values in our available positions, located within walking distance of your home.

Document preparation technicians

The person responsible for preparing the documents must ensure that the documents are in good condition before they are scanned.

Digitization Technician

The person responsible for scanning documents first ensures the integrity of the documents he receives before placing them in the scanner.

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