Digital transformation

The era of paper work is over! The success of today’s businesses is largely due to their transition to a digital world. At Eranum, we offer innovative digital transformation solutions that are intelligent and tailored to your needs. Welcome to the next revolution, the digitial revolution.


We are specialized in the digital transformation of companies. For the past 5 years, we have been advising small and large businesses in their digital shift from digitizing paper archives to fully automating workflows.



Transitioning your business to a paperless environment will inevitably involve scanning all your documents.

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Achieving high performance in organizations inevitably means automating your business processes and operational tasks.

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digital archiving

Thanks to Eranum technology, we have created a decentralized data center that is more robust and less expensive.

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There’s only one way to say it. Here, it’s the Eranum method or nothing! This method, which is at the heart of all our processes, is based on quality control at all levels of production. Doing business with us is also choosing a company that for over 5 years continues to strive to always offer the best consulting service to it’s customers, regardless of the scope of the challenge. We are experts in our field and your satisfaction is our main focus of concerns.


Our great expertise and know-how in document digitization have proved their worth. Here are some case studies of digital transformation projects from our clients.

Case study

Transport Lavoie

Faced with significant growth and increasingly demanding regulations and laws, Transport Lavoie used Eranum to automate their documentary process.

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Case study

Quebec city

La Ville de Quebec entrusted Eranum with the digitization of the property files for the Rivières and Haute-Saint-Charles boroughs, as well as the digitization of the Old City’s old permits.

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Here you will find tips and advice, thoughts, news and various information related to our field of expertise. Come take a look at the different items straight out of the passionate staff.

21 March, 2019

Switch from paper to digital documents

In 2019, the idea of moving from paper to digital in offices is starting to get more and more in the minds of business managers, but is it really necessary for the long-term prosperity of our SMEs? It’s easy for us to tell you that it’s great to go from paper to digital because we […]

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21 March, 2019

4 tips for a paperless office

Even today, most companies struggle with the initial costs of migrating to a paperless office. There will always be a justification for using paper, but given the digital nature of today’s business processes, these reasons are becoming increasingly rare. However, there are several reasons to move to a digital working method. You can reduce the […]

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