Document scanning

Have your documents scanned by means of an innovative process and unparalleled quality control.

For only
per binder
36-month financing, on approved credit.
For only
per binder
36-month financing, on approved credit.

Our state-of-the-art scanning service involves a process that is unparalleled to date. Ensure that your scanned documents are compliant and legal with Eranum: your digital transformation partner.

Eranum's exclusive quality approach

A unique and flawless expertise

Optimal document scanning is based on three essential principles: security, compliance and quality. At ERANUM, these are our three cornerstones of practice. Thanks to them, we offer the most efficient scanning service on the market.

You can trust us. Our process, as simple as it may be for you, is designed using advanced technological practices.

The advantages of our scanning service

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of benefits; the result of our passion to always serve you better.

We foster collaborative and friendly relationships with each of our clients!

Simplified and centralized document access
Access the desired document on your computer, whether you are in the office or remotely (cloud computing).
Create space
Free up square feet of space to accommodate more staff, or new activities.
Every digital shift begins with document scanning.
No more endless searching through physical filing cabinets. Time is money.

Today, hundreds of Canadian companies of all sizes rely on our scanning service. Discover how easy it is to delegate this crucial step of your digital transformation.

? Why Eranum

Fast process

In no time, all your documents are boxed and sent to our digital factory.

Turnkey approach

Our approach is based on our teams' autonomy: none of your resources need to be involved.

Friendly experience

We are a homegrown company with homegrown values: we base our service on respect, friendliness and more.

Quality control

Every step of our scanning service is focused on this essential criterion, which is an integral part of Eranum's raison d'être.

Points of service

Please contact us to find out if you are in one of our service areas.

Unsolicited application

Drag and drop your .docx/.pdf
Drag and drop your .docx/.pdf