we are

Eranum is a company specializing in digital transformation. We offer services in document scanning, business process automation, decentralizaed cloud data hosting using the Blockchain and printing and scanning equipment. All so you can have an efficient paperless office environment in this digital revolution.

Our Vision

Eranum is more than a company, it is a brand that is characterized by a unique processes and exceptional quality control.

Eranum has been able to impose over the years a new standard in the field. The Eranum brand is defined by a unique quality control, on-time delivery dates, safety beyond the established standards, and a qualified and competent team in digital transformation.

Case Studies

Our great expertise and know-how in document digitization have proved their worth. Here are some case studies of digital transformation projects from our clients.

Case study

Transport Lavoie

Faced with significant growth and increasingly demanding regulations and laws, Transport Lavoie used Eranum to automate their documentary process.

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Case study

Quebec city

La Ville de Quebec entrusted Eranum with the digitization of the property files for the Rivières and Haute-Saint-Charles boroughs, as well as the digitization of the Old City’s old permits.

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