digital archiving

Thanks to Eranum technology, we have created a decentralized data center that is more robust and less expensive.


Our solution is safer than existing ones because servers only store encrypted file segments, not entire files. This differs from traditional cloud storage providers, which do not encrypt user data by default.

Eranum is proud to offer in its service offerings a one-of-a-kind platform in the Quebec region: A cloud data hosting center using Blockchain technology. Here are some advantages of our solution.


Our service will be available by the fall of 2019. Be informed as soon as the service is available in your area by writing to:

Case study

Transport Lavoie

Faced with significant growth and increasingly demanding regulations and laws, Transport Lavoie used Eranum to automate their documentary process.

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Case study

Quebec city

La Ville de Quebec entrusted Eranum with the digitization of the property files for the Rivières and Haute-Saint-Charles boroughs, as well as the digitization of the Old City’s old permits.

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