Thursday, March 21, 2019
Switch from paper to digital documents

In 2019, the idea of moving from paper to digital in offices is starting to get more and more in the minds of business managers, but is it really necessary for the long-term prosperity of our SMEs? It’s easy for us to tell you that it’s great to go from paper to digital because we offer digital document conversion and electronic document management (EDM) solutions with our Hera web application. But honestly, this has nothing to do with us, a paperless environment is beneficial for many reasons and we want to share it with you.

Some reasons to go from paper to digital documents

24/7 access

The advantage with a digital document is that you do not have to be physically present at your desk to check your records. It will no longer be necessary to worry about not forgetting your big three-ring binder or your file brick at a meeting to discuss. You have access to all of your company’s documents at your fingertips, on any media at any time.

Did you know that the average search time of a document in a non-paperless business is 18 minutes?

The traditional key lock that comes with our filing cabinets is simply not enough to keep them safe today and to be honest, it never was. The security we can put into online interactions greatly outweighs the security that can be put on a paper document and a physical object. The loss of a physical document is final, with a digital document, it is never really lost, because there is a backup somewhere (if you have a cloud backup infrastructure that provides for it of course).


With cloud technologies and secure administration rights, collaboration between resources is greatly enhanced. When transferring a document from paper to digital, all team members can log in and have access to everything they need quickly to complete an assigned task. The projects will obviously be accelerated, because the collaboration in the digital world knows no limit.

It is easy to save time compared to the current methods, which are mainly to scan a document, send it by email and have to check, validate and revalidate all changes to the document in turn.

Did you know that a document is photocopied 9 to 11 times in an SME?

Use of data
You’ve probably heard the term “data use” a million times before. Even small businesses use them, they collect them every day to connect points, discover trends and make budget forecasts. Using these data that we all have access to is virtually impossible with physical documents. Once your paper document is converted to digital format it is crazy to see how this same document becomes more than a simple and ordinary page filled with characters. Scanning brings your documents to life and allows you to find all the information you need to advance your work in seconds.


Storing physical documents makes absolutely no sense for a variety of reasons, the most important being the space occupied by your large binders and your boxes of documents. A business manager pays for each square foot of his office, even those monopolized by large dusty filing cabinets. Why not take the opportunity to clean? A good scanning strategy will allow you to sort your documents to get the best results and optimize your classification to make your job easier. Then you can reduce your office space to avoid paying commercial space in a vacuum.

Otherwise a nice room dedicated to the relaxation for your team to allow them to rest better during breaks and be better able to focus on their work.


Finally, but certainly, the most essential is to reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Every day we cut an impressive number of trees in order to produce paper. But how many sheets of paper can we make with a tree? It is estimated that with an average tree one can produce nearly 8500 leaves.

At the same time, an average mature tree produces almost 120 kg of oxygen each year from CO2. It also eliminates in a year the carbon equivalent of a car that travels for about 42,000 kilometers.

An average office worker uses about 10,000 pages of paper each year … I let you do the math!

Making the digital turn of your business will significantly reduce the production of paper because it is essential for many reasons, but we must admit that it is not easy to find the right tools that allow the migration of each element of the paper. your business to the digital world.

We do not have the solution to all your problems, but we certainly have the solution to make you go from paper to digital thanks to the scanning of your documents and the electronic management of your documents inside your company.