Thursday, March 21, 2019
4 tips for a paperless office

Even today, most companies struggle with the initial costs of migrating to a paperless office. There will always be a justification for using paper, but given the digital nature of today’s business processes, these reasons are becoming increasingly rare.

However, there are several reasons to move to a digital working method. You can reduce the costs associated with printing, such as paper, ink, purchasing new printers, and maintaining them. A digital environment can help you better organize your business and avoid having to invest in a document storage solution. Another reason to reduce and even stop the production and use of paper is to increase productivity. Still not convinced? Here are some statistics that should make you change your mind!

  • Every misplaced document costs an average of 125$ in lost productivity to your business.
  • Each four-drawer binder can hold from 24,000 to 36,000 sheets of paper and take up to 16 square feet of space at an average cost of 480$ per year.
  • Every lost document costs an average of 500$ in lost productivity – large organizations lose a document every 12 seconds.
  • The average paper production of an average company grows by 22% per year, which means that your paper will double in 3.3 years

The statistics speak for themselves, the problem is real and it costs you time and money. Now what can you do?

Where to start for a paperless office?

The 80s called, they want to get your fax back

Separate yourself from what forces you to generate unnecessary paper. Do not fall into the trap. Help yourself not to go back to your old habits. Subscribe to an online fax service such as eFax or MyFax which will allow you to send and receive faxes without a device and especially without paper. Make sure the experience is enjoyable, ask your employees’ opinion and give them an incentive to join your new move to get your paperless office.

Make a digital transformation

There is no reason for you to continue printing your invoices, submissions and forms. Several online services are available to meet all your needs as well as those of your customers.

Digitize your archives

Whether you want to digitize your documents yourself, or task professionals to improve the performance and classification of information, this step is the most important. Make sure you are advised on your needs and make an informed choice.

You want to scan your documents or want to buy a scanner?

Tell us about your paperless office project!

Use and save your documents

Several online services such as Drop Box and Google Drive offer the ability to keep and view your files. On the other hand, this raises a problem when you want to access specific information through a large number of documents. We have several innovative software packages to enable us to offer a simple and effective solution to our customers for searching information in digitized documents.

Would you like to know if our innovative software packages are right for you? We would like to advise you! Make the difference, stand out!

Making a digital shift can help your business, because in addition to giving you control and stability, this change will allow you to relocate your time and resources to focus on what’s really important – growing your business.